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Epilepsy outpatient departments in Germany

for children and adolescents
for adolescent and adults


When the SIFTUNG MICHAEL was founded in 1962, there were 2 such specialist epilepsy outpatient departments attached to university hospitals. One was for children in Kiel and the other for adults in Heidelberg.

Today there are 285 epilepsy outpatient departments and epilepsy counseling centers,

of which are

99 Epilepsy outpatient departments for children and adolescents,
48 Epilepsy outpatient departments for adolescents and adults,
65 Specialized medical practices for epileptology,
50 Certified Epilepsy Centers and
23 Epilepsy Counseling Centers.

This development has been helped by the activities of the STIFTUNG MICHAEL, namely its stipends and the regularly updated list of epilepsy outpatient departments in Germany.

In general, paediatricians and neurologists in primary care maintain diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy patients.

Epilepsy outpatient departments are regional specialist services offering diagnosis, treatment, and social-medical support in cases of difficult to treat epilepsy. Generally, they are attached to neurological, paediatric and psychiatric outpatient clinics at major hospitals.

Accreditation as an epilepsy outpatient department is dependent on certain high standards and granted by a commission of the German League against Epilepsy in conjunction with the STIFTUNG MICHAEL

(Epilepsieblätter 2000; 13: 32).

Epilepsy outpatient departments have to be run by a neurologist or paediatrician with the foundation's certificate in 'epileptology'. There have to be at least one psychologist and one social worker to qualify a service as a specialist epilepsy outpatient department.

Epilepsy outpatient departments qualify as places to train doctors for the certificate in 'epileptology'.

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