The MICHAEL PRIZE will be officially awarded at the International Epilepsy Congress. The prize winners also present their research results in a separate lecture within the scope of the scientific program. The "Michael Lectures" have become a permanent and well-respected part of the international congresses.

Michael Lecture 2021

PD Dr. Katja Kobow:
"Towards DNA methylation-based disease classification in focal epilepsy"

[34th International Epilepsy Congress 2021, ONLINE]

The lecture was held (online) on August 29, 2021 at the ILEA-IBE International Epilepsy Congress.

Watch here the video of the award symposium .

Michael Lecture 2019

Dr. Birgit Frauscher:
"Sleep, Oscillations, and background EEG in human focal epilepsy"


PhD Stéphanie Baulac:
"Navigating from germline to somatic mutations in the mTOR pathway landscape"

[33th International Epilepsy Congress 2019, Bangkok, Thailand]

Michael Lecture 2017

Dr. Boris Bernhardt:
"Neuroimaging and connectome analysis of temporal lobe epilepsy: from hippocampal subfields to large-scale networks"

[32nd International Epilepsy Congress 2017, Barcelona, Spain]

Michael Lecture 2015

Dr. Jeanne Paz:
"Closed loop optogenetic control of epileptic seizures"

[31st International Epilepsy Congress 2015, Istanbul, Turkey]

Michael Lecture 2013

PhD MPH Ding Ding:
"Premature mortality risk in people with convulsive epilepsy: Long follow-up of a cohort in rural China."

[30th International Epilepsy Congress 2013, Montreal, Canada]

Michael Lecture 2011

Dr. Eleonora Aronica:
"Focal Lesions in human epilepsy: a molecular and neuropathological perspective"

[29th International Epilepsy Congress 2011, Rome, Italy]

Michael Lecture 2009

Dr. Hrissanthi Ikonomidou:
"Antiepileptic Drugs and the Developing Brain"


Dr. Ivan Soltesz:
"Epileptogenesis in Carbon and Silicon Brains"

[28th International Epilepsy Congress 2009, Budapest, Hungary]


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