Donations and Grants

Donations and Grants

Every donation helps to improve the situation of both patients and their families. You can donate in several ways:


Donating as a Sustaining Member

You can make a long-term difference with a standing order or direct debit. Regular contributions allow us to plan more reliably. As a sustaining member, you will receive our newsletters.


Individual Donations

With a donation, however small it may be, you can help quickly and directly by transferring the amount to the account given below.


Legacy and Wills

Helping from beyond the grave can be a reason to consider leaving a donation in your will to the STIFTUNG MICHAEL / MICHAEL FOUNDATION. Lega- cies/wills are exempt from inheritance tax.
Please contact us for more information and a personal interview.



With an endowment you help increase the founda- tion’s endowment capital and secure long-term fund- ing. Endowments are tax deductible over longer peri- ods. We are happy to provide more information.



If you are a public prosecutor or a judge, you may assign fines to be paid to the STIFTUNG MICHAEL / MICHAEL FOUNDATION. The STIFTUNG MICHAEL / MICHAEL FOUNDATION is officially recognised as exclusively and directly serving tax-exempt charitable purposes.

Supporter / Sponsor

Become a supporter of the
by periodically donations.

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