Memories of Dieter Janz

Dieter Janz
Dieter Janz (1920 - 2016)

"Mehr, als ich gesagt habe, weiß ich nicht. Eher Weniger."

  "I don't know more than I said. Rather less."

  Erinnerungen an Dieter Janz

  "Memories of Dieter Janz"

On December 25, 2016, Dieter Janz, founding member of the Michael Foundation and for many years chairman of the board of trustees, passed away in Berlin; the German and the whole international epileptology community has lost with him one of their greatest persons.

The movie "Mehr, als ich gesagt habe, weiß ich nicht. Eher weniger." ("I do not know more than I said. Rather less.") by the German filmmakers Mechthild Katzorke and Volker Schöwerling follows by archive footage Dieter Janz's conviction, that the physician has to learn from his patient, because after all, he knew the most about his illness. We get to know Dieter Janz in talks with his patients, we see him as an eloquent and humorous intermediary of his experience and knowledges during the Michael Foundation's practical seminars in the years 2005 and 2006, we understand his medical attitude from the records and works of his early days – recited by his grandson Moritz Peschke –, which already laid the base of his humanistic and medical attitude.

Sorry for all non-German speakers, but the movie is (of course) in German.

[ Duration: 39:40 min. ]

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